Social Equity in Public Administration: Past, Present, and the Future




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By 2018, the United States was (again) faced with a number of turbulent and divisive issues. In response, the Minnowbrook at 50 conference identified several critical areas of emphasis to advance social equity in research, teaching, and the practice of public administration. In this essay, we highlight these renewed efforts to describe its progress during the past five years (e.g., 2018–2023), as well as review the conceptual development of social equity in public administration prior to the Minnowbrook at 50 conference (e.g., pre-2018). We conclude with a re-examination of the future of social equity in public administration by upholding past principles, while encouraging new practices, pedagogy, and scholarship within the social equity domain (e.g., post-2023).

Author Biographies

  • Helen H. Yu, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

    Helen H. Yu is an associate professor and the graduate chair of the Public Administration Program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Her research interests include human resource management and social equity; in particular, the lack of gender and racial diversity in policing. She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Public Personnel Management.

  • Sean A. McCandless, The University of Texas at Dallas

    Sean A. McCandless is an associate professor in the Public and Nonprofit Management Program at The University of Texas at Dallas. With Susan T. Gooden and Richard Greggory Johnson III, he co-founded the Journal of Social Equity and Public Administration. He has co-edited and authored numerous articles, books, and journal special issues on social equity.

  • Beth M. Rauhaus, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

    Beth M. Rauhaus is a professor and department head of Political Science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her research explores gender representation and issues of diversity and equity in the public sector. She currently serves on the editorial board of The American Review of Public Administration.






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