Nonprofit Hero: Five Easy Steps to Successful Board Fundraising by Valerie M. Jones


  • Crystal Trull University of San Diego



Nonprofit Boards, Fundraising, Governance


Nonprofit boards play a key role in organizational sustainability. They are relied on for leadership, oversight, and strategy and to ensure that financial resources are in place to carry out the mission of the organization. Yet, for many boards, fundraising is the most challenging aspect of their role. In Nonprofit Hero: Five easy steps to successful board fundraising, author Valerie Jones applies more than 20 years of experience as a nonprofit consultant helping nonprofit boards unlock their ability to raise funds. Jones outlines a step-by-step, realistic process that is immediately useful for nonprofit boards of all shapes and sizes to become fundraising heroes.


Author Biography

Crystal Trull, University of San Diego

Crystal Trull uses her more than 20 years of experience as a nonprofit professional consulting for nonprofit organizations and teaching master’s courses on nonprofit management and leadership and nonprofit board governance at the University of San Diego and the University of California San Diego.






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