NPO/NGO Education in Public Administration in South Korea




NPO-NGO Education, Civil Society, Public Policy Process, Public Administration Categories, South Korea


This study examines how NPO/NGO-related themes and theories are incorporated into public administration education in South Korea. By analyzing NPO/NGO-related courses in selected public administration programs, this research breaks down their curricula into major categories from the public administration and policy standpoints. This study found that civil society constitutes the public administration environment on the macro-level, while NPO/NGOs are key actors in the participatory governance and contracting-out on the micro-level. From the public policy standpoint, the advocacy function of NPO/NGOs took the central role in the public policy formation stage, while their service delivery function was highlighted in the public policy implementation stage. South Korean PA education is evaluated to take a top-down-style approach in embracing the roles of NPO/NGOs in the public policy implementation process. This study contributes to strengthening ties between PA education and NPO/NGO education and practices.

Author Biographies

Bok Gyo Jeong, Kean University

Bok Gyo Jeong is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Kean University in New Jersey in the United States. His research interests include nonprofit management, nonprofit higher education, social entrepreneurship, comparative public administration, inter-organizational collaboration, and international development. His research has been published in scholarly journals, including VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, Social Enterprise Journal, Voluntary Sector Review, Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, Asian Survey, Korea Observer, and Contemporary Politics.

Sung-Ju Kim, North Carolina State University

Sung-Ju Kim is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at North Carolina State University. His research explores global generosity studies, Asian nonprofit education, nonprofit management and leadership issues, and Asian immigrants’ life experiences. His research has been published in scholarly journals, including Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, Journal of Nonprofit Management, Voluntaristics Review: Brill Research Perspectives, Advances in Social Work, and Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing.






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