Effective Social Media Engagement for Nonprofits: What Matters?


  • Julia L Carboni Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Sarah P. Maxwell University of Texas at Dallas




nonprofit communications, social media, stakeholder engagement, public management relationship theory


We employ public management relationship theory to examine how nonprofits can effectively engage social media stakeholders in two-way communication. Though many nonprofit organizations have a social media presence, there is variance in how well organizations use social media to engage stakeholders. Simply having a social media presence is not enough to engage stakeholders.  We examine Facebook posts of a stratified random sample of youth development organizations to determine what predicts stakeholder engagement. We find the type of Facebook post is a significant predictor of stakeholder engagement.  Longer posts also significantly predict increased stakeholder engagement.  At the organizational level, having many posts is a significant negative predictor of stakeholder engagement, indicating that users may feel bombarded and are less likely to engage.  Increased organizational spending on advertising as a proportion of total budget is positively associated with stakeholder engagement. 






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