JPNA's New Editor-in-Chief


JPNA welcomes its new Editor-in-Chief Dr. Deborah A. Carroll for the 2021-2023 term! 

With a career spanning over 15 years, Dr. Carroll’s own scholarly interests and abundant published work sit directly at the intersection of the government and nonprofit sectors. Dr. Carroll's research focuses on conducting and supporting applied, interdisciplinary work that contributes to our understanding of the interconnectedness of the government and nonprofit sectors and the implications for tax policy, tax burden, and public service provision. In addition, Dr. Carroll's research coalesces around financial management and fiscal policy issues of nonprofit organizations and subnational governments, particularly related to taxation, income diversification, revenue stability, and urban economic development. As a scholar who highly values and recognizes the importance of mentorship in academic research and publishing, most of Dr. Carroll's publications have been coauthored with graduate students and tenure-track, pre-tenured faculty.

As a first generation college graduate herself, Dr. Carroll believes JPNA’s capacity to publish high-quality articles on a broad array of topics position the journal quite well to become an even more prominent leader in contributing to the current conversation about how to incorporate more diversity into academic publishing. On becoming the next Editor-in-Chief of JPNA, Dr. Carroll says, "As a readily accessible open source journal, we have an opportunity to become the 'go-to' journal for academics worldwide to use as a publication outlet and to cite as foundational support of their research more broadly. As the next Editor-in-Chief, I am committed to establishing an editorial team capable of using our diverse networks to solicit high-quality manuscripts from underrepresented scholars, as well as research that contributes to our understanding and knowledge of the field in ways that are more than incremental. So, in addition to diversity of scholars published in the journal and diversity among the editorial board, I believe diversity of scholarship is equally important for JPNA to contribute to this conversation going forward. So, let's get to work!"