2018 JPNA Best Article Award


The Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs’ (JPNA) editorial team has selected Dr. William Hatcher and Dr. Augustine Hammond’s article titled “Nonprofit Economic Development Organizations and the Institutional Arrangement of Local Economic Development,” as the recipient of the 2018 JPNA Best Article Award.

In their article, Drs. Hatcher and Hammond argue that the institutional arrangement of local economic development is an understudied topic in the scholarly literature on nonprofit management and leadership. Therefore, using data from the International City/County Management Association, they examine why communities select nonprofits to manage their economic development efforts; and, they measure the effect that this institutional arrangement has on local development policy.

Their findings suggest that smaller cities, compared to larger cities, are more likely to select nonprofit organizations to manage their economic development activities. Moreover, this selection, they find influences the type of development tools that are used.

Having already been downloaded hundreds of times since the date of publication, the findings from Dr. Hatcher and Dr. Hammond’s research will certainly add tremendous value to the field by providing evidence of empirically tested strategies for fostering economic development.

The JPNA editorial team congratulates Dr. Hatcher and Dr. Hammond on this award.