Incoming Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Deborah Carroll (January 1, 2021)


Deborah A. Carroll is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration at University of Central Florida as well as the director of the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management.

Her research focuses on management and policy issues of state and local governments, particularly related to taxation, revenue diversification, and urban economic development, as well as the interconnectedness of the public and nonprofit sectors and the implications for tax policy, nonprofit management and public service provision.

Her research appears in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART), Public Administration Review (PAR), Public Budgeting and Finance, The American Review of Public Administration (ARPA), and Urban Affairs Review, among other academic journals.

She served as treasurer of a local grassroots nonprofit organization called BikeAthens for three years. She was elected to the governing board of the Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (2011-2013), the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (2006-2008), and served as the editorial board member of Urban Affairs Review (2009-2011). She currently serves in the appointed positions of treasurer for the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management and associate editor of Public Administration Review.

Research Interests
  • Government Finance & Fiscal Policy
  • State & Local Government Taxation
  • Urban Economic Development
  • Nonprofit Financial Management