Creative Placemaking: Creating Change by Building Partnerships

Jamie Levine Daniel, Mirae Kim


Arts, artists, and creative strategies can be critical vehicles for achieving social, economic, and community goals. Creative placemaking is one type of arts-led planning that incorporates the goals of communities with stakeholder participation. Questions exist, however, around who participates in the creative placemaking process and to what end. This study explores a case where a state-sponsored workshop brought together people from diverse backgrounds to facilitate community development and engagement through creative placemaking. The study highlights how a one-shot intervention can reshape perceptions of creative placemaking that are held by planners, nonplanners, artists, and nonartists. The study shows that while pre-workshop participants focused on identifying resource-based challenges, post-workshop participants focused more on initiating collaborations and being responsive to community needs. The different attitudes before and after the state-sponsored workshop demonstrate the importance of not only building stakeholder understanding but also facilitating stakeholder engagement for successful creative placemaking.


Creative Placemaking; Economic Development; Collaboration

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